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EAT September 2, 2009

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I have been playing around with my protein and fat intake for the last 2 weeks….come to think of it, when am I NOT playing around with fat/protein intake???

Bill made me a deal that I could have as much fat and protein as I want as long as I stay under 20g’s of carbs. SWEET! I’ve been enjoying copious amounts of meatloaf, eggs, steak, lunch meat and walnuts. I’ve felt full and satisfied, and the extra food helped curb my carb cravings. My times at the Fort have been good, and I’ve felt really strong.
We’re back to that old problem again. Why can’t I just be lean AND strong? Sigh. It’s back to the old dilemma of “what’s more important? Your times in the WODs, or reaching that leanness you so desperately want?”
The truth is that it’s a trick question. Carey Kepler, Lindsay Smith and Crystal McReynolds are top on my list of CrossFitters that I aspire to become, and they are all lean AND strong. They have their nutrition dialed in to the point where they have beautiful lean bodies, and they DOMINATED the games. So what’s the difference? I think the difference for me is that I never quite break through the point where my performance picks back up again, even with smaller food allowances. They have worked hard and made their bodies efficient, and I just cry like a little b*tch and start eating more so I don’t suck at the Fort.
Gotta get in the right mindset….
The workout last night was hard, but mostly because I am not good at thrusters, and Stacy was going kind of fast.
10 thrusters (40kg)
50 double unders
8 thrusters
40 double unders
6 thrusters
30 double unders
4 thrusters
20 double unders
2 thrusters
10 double unders
40kg feels pretty darn heavy for thrusters, and Stacy beat me to the jump rope the first 3 rounds. Fortunately, my double unders were almost all unbroken, and I was able to make up a little bit of time each round on these. I had to keep stopping to stretch out my aching calves, and this definitely sucked up precious seconds of my WOD. I think I finished in 9:09, but I can’t say for sure. Stacy was hot on my heels and finished about 6 seconds after me.
Props to Brittany for going through this one Rx’d!

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