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No PR train for me September 1, 2009

Filed under: Nonsense — Jennie Yundt @ 2:25 pm

Why is it that I expect to set a PR every time I walk into the Fort? I have tried to convince myself that it’s OK if I don’t PR, because I’m no longer in “beginner land”. Power Clean PR’s are just so near and dear to my heart, that I’m DYING to get to 65kg’s. Sigh…I’ll get you next time!

Power Cleans:
Ended up tying my old PR at 62.2kg’s.
7 rounds for time
3 cleans (50kg n= 85% of your SRM PR)
6 box jumps (31″)
200m run
I liked this workout, despite the fact that it had running in it. I don’t have my workout log with me, otherwise I’d tell you how remarkably slow I did it. 50KG isn’t too bad for me on the cleans, and it definitely got heavy in about round 5.
One positive thing is that I learned how resilient my windpipe is. I slammed myself in the THROAT on my 2nd to last rep. The bar hit me so hard that I actually let out a little “ekchhh!” noise. It makes me giggle to think of how funny the noise was.
Ooh boy is that a lotta butt in this picture…

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