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13 is the magic number September 30, 2009

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Know what the significance of 13 is as it pertains to yesterday? I’ll share…..

1. The number of total torn callouses at the Fort

2. The number of times I looked over and saw Kelli catching up to me

3. The number of BLURRY pictures Bill took of the 7PM class

4. The number of times I said the F word during push-ups

5. Kelli beat me by a 13th of a second on yesterday’s workout

See how special 13 is? It’s a wonderful, magical number. Could somebody PLEASE give my husband a quick photography lesson? Less zoom. Stand still. Point. Shoot.


I’m doomed to forever be a blurry figure in all pictures of workouts with Bill behind the lens. Sheesh!

The workout yesterday was Angie. I can still remember the first time I did this one Rx’d. I was so nervous I about peed myself, and it took me an eternity to get through it. I can remember a distinct feeling of accomplishment after finishing. 100 PULL-UPS. That’s a huge accomplishment for a CrossFitter, male or female.

I still feel this same sense of accomplishment after yesterday. I PR’d at 24:22, which is just over a 3:00 improvement over last time. AND, best of all, my hands are still intact!


Bill Yundt: great coach, LOUSY photographer

Bill Yundt: great coach, LOUSY photographer


Why does 5kg feel SO HEAVY?! September 29, 2009

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I have been looking forward to trying “Isabel” for a long time. Unfortunately, my single rep max on snatch is 42.2kg’s, so 30 reps at 40kg’s is HIGHLY unlikely.

Our strength work was Overhead squat, and I got to share a rack with my buddy, Brittany. I always have fun when she’s around. She’s WAY WAY WAY too hard on herself, but it’s good to see her breaking through some of the mental barriers. I watched her PR on her OHS, and it was beautiful!

My OHS sets looked like this:

(3-2-1-1-1) 35-40-45-50-52.2

I hit 52.2kg’s at the Games for 2 reps, so this isn’t really a PR. For some odd reason, I think I was stronger out there in that desert…

NOW BACK TO ISABEL. I scaled to 35kg’s, and Bill gave me the stink eye. “Why not bump it up to 40kg’s and make the board?” Well Bill….there’s a funny story behind that. I’ll tell you why I’m not going to bump it up to 40kg’s…..because the difference between a 35kg snatch and a 40kg snatch is LIKE A MILLION POUNDS. So, me and my sissy scaled self finished in 5:07 at 35kg’s. 40kg’s didn’t even go up ONCE.

While I still haven’t mastered Garth’s art of making sexy faces when I workout, I have started incorporating his battle cries. Andy told me that I was like a terradactyl.

My battle cry!

My battle cry!


Group Outing to Zaza’s September 28, 2009

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Yesterday was a day of arguing with an 11yr old, and indulgence. I don’t know what got into Kate this last weekend, but she was ROTTEN. I love her to pieces, and would give her the moon, but she was seriously trying my patience this past weekend.


Thank you to Stacy for organizing a group outing to Zaza’s salon in Vernon Hills. Bill and I booked what we thought was a couple’s massage, but a smidge of confusion left us in separate rooms. I considered calling him on his cell phone ┬áso we could chat during our massages.

The massage was only so-so…I’ve definitely had more relaxing massages at Mario Tricocci. I was given a complimentary hot stone treatment because of the mix-up, but free hot rocks paled in comparison to being next to my husband for an hour of relaxation.

Even though she was a stinker, I love her dearly. I’m super proud of Kate for going through FGB IV with us yesterday. I think she was the youngest person at Tri-Cities to go through the workout. It felt good to have people complimenting me on how solid her movements looked. I think Mark’s comment was, “wow, she moves better than most of the adults I know!” (That was probably an exaggeration, but STILL) She definitely moved better than the cheaty McCheaterson lady who took 2nd place with her never-locked-out-push-jerks-instead-of-push-presses. Psh. I didn’t want a bronze kettle bell anyways.

Katelyn shows good for, and good fashion sense

Katelyn shows good form, and good fashion sense


Wine, I’m SO OVER YOU September 27, 2009

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I thought I’d be a good girl and avoid delicious Sam Adams by drinking Wine. While wine is still alcohol, it has significantly fewer carbs than my beloved SAM.


I woke up Friday feeling a little “off”. My head hurt behind my eyes, and I felt a little sick for most of the morning. Fortunately it passed, and by lunch time I was feeling better.

Fast forward to dinner on Friday night, and we went out for Thai food. I’m not sure how many of you know this, but there are a lot of great paleo friendly dishes at Thai restaurants. You’ll definitely have to “hold the rice”, but a lot of their dishes are made with fresh meat and veggies mixed with coconut milk. Coconut milk is definitely our friend, as it is tasty and high in fat. YUM.

In addition to my Green Curry with extra chicken, I had 2 glasses of WHITE WINE, thinking it was the red wine that gave me the headache. I woke up around 2:30 AM with a headache and nausea that just wouldn’t go away. Prescription anti-nausea medication was no match for the yucky feeling I had. I was worried that I was going to have to miss out on FGB IV, but I pulled it together long enough to meet the crew at the Fort at 9AM.

The whole ride down to St. Charles I still felt horrible. I actually considered not doing the workout, but I feared the baby picture emails from Tommy Mo if I backed out. Believe me…you do NOT want baby picture emails.

I sucked it up, and with Bethy’s encouragement I made it through FGB IV with a PR of 255 points. Meh. I definitely held a more consistent pace than the last time I did it, but I could have given it that little bit extra. I was only 2 reps from tying the 3rd place lady!

So THAT'S what my muffin tops look like during wall ball!?

So THAT'S what my muffin tops look like during wall ball!?

Beth's thinking, "Wow, she DOES make a dying face when she works out"

Beth's thinking, "Wow, she DOES make a dying face when she works out"


The Thursday Rest September 26, 2009

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Yesterday was a rest day for me, but I decided to row a little just in case. While the group classes did Tabata Something Else, I did a little “Tabata Rowing” just to see how I fared.

Unfortunately my overall meters were down. I was more consistent with my rows, but overall I was down about 10 meters from last time. *shrugs* Looks like I earned myself the sand-bagger award!

I am so proud of all our Better Body Challenge participants! Everyone has been so dedicated to their success…I would hate to think that $600 is what it took to inspire everyone to make lifestyle changes. It’s ONLY MONEY. We should all want to eat clean and workout consistently BECAUSE IT’S GOOD FOR US. Not because there’s a carrot dangling in front of us.

I’m actually going to be all CRAZY, and take today off too. Fight Gone Bad is coming up this weekend, and a 2nd day of rest will do me some good.

While I’m always sad to see it getting dark outside so early, I REALLY love the way pictures turn out this time of year…

The beautiful Fort

The beautiful Fort


Temptation….it’s everywhere September 24, 2009

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I just want to come right out and say that CrossFit is HARD. I bust my ass at the Fort 5 days a week, and it never gets easier. Unfortunately, I’m at that point where PR’s are hard to come by. Hell, I end up celebrating broken scrunchie PR’s, just so I can have a PR to celebrate. My press and dead lift are refusing to budge and it’s making me nuts. It’s time to put my PR shoes on, and get ready to scratch and claw my way to every 2.2kg PR.

There is so much temptation to eat bad food. It’s amazing that anyone can stay clean for any amount of time! Tommy MO of the GYG was kind enough to supply me with a picture of the temptation at his work. This time of year always gets me too. There’s that little bit of a chill in the air, and the time seems right to splurge and have a piece of pumpkin pie. BUT GUESS WHAT. I’M NOT GOING TO. You can see the first half of this post for why I’m going to steer clear of the sugary poison.


I bust my ass way too much at the Fort to throw away my progress for a sugary treat. I will never be happy with my performance at the Fort….I will always strive to push myself harder, run faster, get stronger….I can’t expect 100% of the results if I’m only putting in 80% of the effort.





Two broken scrunchies September 23, 2009

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Yesterday I set a couple of PR’s. The first was with my power snatch. We did 3-2-1-1-1, and I worked my way up to a 42.2kg’s power snatch. Woo hoo! It wasn’t the most lovely or graceful PR in the world, but at least I got it.

The 2nd PR was in max-number-of-broken-scrunchies. The metcon was:

AMRAP in 6:00 of
25 double unders
10 sprawls
100m sprint

We did a total of 3 rounds, and you got to rest for 1:00 after each round.

THIS.WORKOUT.SUCKED. I was sucking wind after the first 6:00, and it only got worse from there. What made it double worse was that I broke not one, but two of my scrunchies during this workout! I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but I always ALWAYS wear 3 scrunchies in my hair at once. Otherwise my hair comes loose and flops all around. Imagine my horror when I was down to 1 scrunchie, and I still had 6:00 of working out left. I know….it’s scary……

To make the workout even more exciting, Joe, our neighbor at the Fort, pulled up in his 1972 RV in the last round and left the engine running. We all got to breathe the exhaust for a few minutes. I hope it didn’t cause any permanent damage.

CrossFit Games Smooch

CrossFit Games Smooch