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OMGTHEPAIN August 30, 2009

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OW. All I have to say is F-ING OW! My calves felt a little tight after all that running yesterday, but this morning I woke up and wanted to die. If I had the ability to physically remove my lower legs without staining my carpet I would have. I’m serious. My first thought this morning was, “Good Lord, please tell me someone is pressing hot pokers against my calves, and that I’m not really THAT SORE.”

Sigh. Bill and I got to the Fort at 8AM this morning so we could meet some of our fellow rowing team members for an awesome rowing WOD. I warmed up and stretched for a few minutes, but walking around was really painful. I strapped into the rower and readied myself for 8 x 500m rows with 2:00 rest in between.
The first two and 2/3’s rounds were great. My pace was under 1:58 on each row, and I felt strong in the arms. Calves were protesting a little, but nothing too bad. When the rower hit 165m’s to go on the 3rd row, my life sucked. A LOT. My left calf seized up. I couldn’t straighten my foot to save my life. All I could do was unstrap from the rower and roll around on the floor. Bill was trying to be helpful, but the pain was so severe that I couldn’t even process the simple instructions he was giving me. SUCKED. I walked it off for a bit, and ended up getting back on the rower to finish the workout.
Brittany and I did Team Saturday together because the workout looked like “fun”.
Run 400m
80 dead lifts
80 box jumps
80 push press
Run 400m
Brittany’s dead lifts are crazy strong. She max’s out a solid 10kg’s heavier than I do on her SRM, and she can rep through higher weights like it’s nothing. We originally were going to grind through the WOD at 65kg’s for the dead lifts, and 35kg’s for the push presses. I grabbed a couple at 65kg’s and decided that I simply didn’t have it in me to get 40 reps at that weight.
The first run of the workout I was cautious with my legs, because I felt like at any minute it would seize up again. Brittany and I blasted through the workout. It was silly how light the weights we used were…I actually feel guilty claiming the championship belt when we CLEARLY scaled too much. The last run of the WOD was my favorite part of the WHOLE DAY. Brittany was jogging backwards trying to convince me that this was not a 400m WALK, but rather a run. She says, “better hurry! Someone’s coming out the doors now! Don’t let them catch us!” Without a moment’s hesitation I just said, “you’re lying”. She smiled and said, “Yes. Yes I am. NO WALKING!”
It was her encouragement that kept me running through the last 400m’s. Oh, that, and the fact that we were linked elbow in elbow and she was literally DRAGGING ME.
Brittany, what were you looking at? It’s my hamstrings….they’re mesmerizing, aren’t they? šŸ˜‰

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