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Working out with one eye open August 25, 2009

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OMG you GYG people are insane. Completely insane. I made special arrangements for Katelyn so that I could attend the 5:30AM class yesterday. Afterall, I HAD to see what all the hype was about!

It was cold and dark, so I figured I didn’t need to wear any makeup. It wasn’t until AFTER the workout that I actually caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized my mistake. Sheesh.
The workout yesterday was cleans 1-1-1. I LOVE CLEANS. My previous PR was 62.2kg’s, so I thought I’d work my way up to 65kg’s for a body weight clean PR. (Man that would have been cool) Here’s what my sets looked like:
55-62.2 – 65(fail) – 65(fail)
You see, the problem with 65kg’s is that it’s starting to get HEAVY. I get into position, hook grip the SHIT out of the bar and prepare to receive this massive load on my collar bone. With the hook grip of death I didn’t release the bar enough to get my elbows under it. I caught it, but elbows were probably just past parallel with the bar, and down it went. Twice. I’ll get you next time, 65kg’s!
The Metcon was Cindy. This was my first time doing it as rx’d, and I think I did pretty well. I mean, I didn’t get 18 rounds like Stacy….but my 13 rounds felt pretty decent.
In addition to the morning workout, I got in my first CrossFit Fire Rowing Team WOD yesterday. We had to do 8 x 250 meter rows, with 1:00 rest between. My average was around 57 seconds, so that’s pretty good. Lots of room to NOT SANDBAG next time.
This is a picture of me and Clark doing a workout with push-ups in it. This picture makes me sad because Clark doesn’t come anymore. He goes to CrossFit Naperville. 😦
How sad does it make me when people leave? SAD. REAL SAD.

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