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Come on grip! Keep working! August 22, 2009

Filed under: Nonsense — Jennie Yundt @ 3:54 pm

Yesterday was fun. 🙂 Do I say that every day? Yeah, ok….I like most of our WODs. We started yesterday with 3 single rep max attempts of Press. My sets looked like this:

35-40 (FAIL) – 37.2
My old PR for press is 40kg’s, and I wasn’t able to tie that yesterday. But ya know what? THAT’S OK. Press is notoriously hard, and even setting a 2.2kg PR is a big deal. 40kg’s is an elusive number for me, and if the stars aren’t lined up just right, it’s not going to get above my eyeballs. I did set a 500m Row PR! 1:48.5! I PR’d by a whopping tenth of a second.
The metcon was great – I friggin’ love cleans.
Every minute for 12:00 you must complete:
3 hang power cleans
3 power cleans
3 hang power cleans
This workout wasn’t too bad until about round 9. I just had nothing left in my grip. Even my trusty hook-grip technique was failing me! I did this WOD at 35kg’s, and I probably could have gutted out 40kg’s. It would have been tough, but toughness is character building, right? Kelli has more character than anybody I know – because she’s TOUGH. You can’t see her in this picture, but she was working out directly across from me. She didn’t even get a second of rest from round 9 through the end….but she made it!

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