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PR SHOES!! August 20, 2009

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Yesterday was a busy day. I didn’t get a chance to work out with the 6PM class because…well….I was coaching it. Bill had basketball, so I filled in. After class I had about 20 mintues to kill before heading out to pickup Katelyn from cheerleading. I decided to do the strength work:

Front Squat
My previous PR was 65KG’s. I attempted 70KG’s and failed the last time we did this. So, just like Mr. Rodgers, I change my shoes when I do strength work…or is that when I walk inside the gym? EITHER WAY I was going to change my shoes and get after this workout. Unfortunately, my lifting shoes were GONE. I searched all over for those damn shoes, wasting my previous minutes I had before my cheer carpool obligations were going to kick in. GAH! I decided to throw on my Nike Free’s and go after it. I grabbed 5 reps at 35KG’s to warm up, and away I went.
Before I started, I was looking at this:
Stacy: 55-60-65
If you know anything about me, you know that I made up my mind before I even touched a barbell that I was going to try and front squat at least 67.2kg’s. When it comes to strength work, Stacy sets the pace. She’s insanely strong for someone her size. If we compared all our lifts relative to our body sizes, she’s got me beat hands-down.
Here’s what my sets looked like:
Ladies and gentlemen, I like you to meet my new front squat PR. Boo Yah! I still haven’t been keeping real tight on my consumption. I’m looking a little squishier than I’d like, but I feel really strong. This is my dilemma people. What’s more important? How do you choose between being a BEAST in the gym, or a BABE on the beach? Can’t I have both???

2 Responses to “PR SHOES!!”

  1. BrttnyRhea Says:

    Seriously you are my hero. Awesome PR's!

  2. Jennie Yundt Says:

    Did you happen to notice that I'm wearing GLOVES in that picture for some unknown reason? I don't even remember when that picture was taken….but I'm wearing GLOVES. (ashamed)

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