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All of the other reindeer…used to laugh and call him names… August 16, 2009

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They never let poor Rudolph, join in any reindeer games!

Now I know how he felt. That POOR reindeer! Team Saturday was shaping up to be a really wonderful day for me, but I ended up being the odd man out. I volunteered to do the WOD by myself, but Bill didn’t want me taking up space on the pull-up bar and the rowers since we had exactly 6 teams. *shrugs* Turns out, that workout SUCKED anyways. That WOD probably picks its nose and eats its boogers.
I watched my CrossForters struggle through team Saturday, and actually felt compelled to hug them on several occasions. I think Dawn and Kelli both got hugs of encouragement from me because the WOD looked really hard. There was a lot of “I’m going to throw up” coming from both men and women. Ugh. Sorry guys!
After the masses had departed, I stood staring at the record board. I wanted a quick-ish workout, and it HAD to be something on the record board. I wasn’t feeling particularly interested in running, so I decided to try and take the #1 spot on the board for Annie.
50-40-30-20-10 of:
Double unders
Stacy is currently the #1 lady on the board (not surprising) with an amazing 7:59 for her time. I was behind her at 8:37. I grabbed a few warmup spins on my jump rope, and waited for the 3-2-1 GO from Bill.
3, 2, 1, GO! And away I went! My first round was FAST. I did all my double unders unbroken, and Bill told me I was at a 6:00 pace. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sustain that pace, but I was hoping for sub 8:00. 2nd round came and went, all double unders unbroken again. AND THEN THE WORST THING HAPPENED. Ok, the second worse thing next to my jump rope breaking. My shoe came untied. I broke the set of 30 into 3 sets because the rope kept grabbing my flapping shoe lace. DAMMIT. I kicked off my shoe and finished my round of 30 and got right to the sit-ups. Bill swooped in and valiantly tried helping me get my shoe back on without interrupting sit-ups, but I stopped for a couple seconds to help him get my heel into my shoe.
My double unders ROCKED, but my sit-ups were only medium. They can definitely get faster!
Time: 8:05
Yep, that’s right folks. She still has me beat by 6 seconds! Stupid shoe….

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