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Kettlebell DOMINATION August 11, 2009

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I think you can see my smile today FROM SPACE. The workout last night was a little scary…I watched the 5PM’ers struggle through. Jessica could barely hold her car keys as she was leaving.

We started with some strength work – Power Cleans 1-1-1
Warm up: 45kg
1: 55kg
2: 60kg
3: Bill had me drop back down because 60kg was UGLY 57.2kg
4: 57.2kg
5: 57.2kg
6: 62.2kg – caught and did a full squat, so it was kind of a fail
Power cleans are feeling good. Need to work on finding that middle depth. I was either catching too high and trying to scoop it, or I was catching too low and failing by going below parallel. Sigh…
The Metcon was 200kb swings for time. Stacy showed up and served as my evening motivation, as usual. I stood behind her so that I could keep pace with her, and away we went. I have a pretty efficient swing, so I was quickly 20 swings ahead of her. I ended up finishing in 9:34, which was the fastest time of the day. Boo-Yah!
Score: Old guys – 2
Hot chicks in tall sock – 1
I didn’t like the pictures from last night – I think I looked quite squishy, so I’ll post this one from March.

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