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Box Jump Bryce August 10, 2009

Filed under: Nonsense — Jennie Yundt @ 3:30 pm

Saturday was awesome! We had 22 people at the Fort for Team Saturday. It was totally crazypants. I didn’t think I was going to get to play the reindeer games (I thought we had 23) but at the last minute I realized I would make 22 people! Hooray for Team Saturday! When everyone was pairing up, I was standing next to Bryce from CrossFit Chicago. Bryce is a BADASS. Don’t be fooled by his tall, lanky frame….Bryce is STRONG and FAST. He has the fastest hips I’ve ever seen, and that came in awfully handy for the workout:

100 burpees (we did sets of 10)
150KB swings (we did sets of 15)
200 box jumps (I would do 10, he would do 20)
I think my 10 box jumps took as long as his 20. I have got to start practicing that lighting fast rebound technique!
This workout left me SORE.


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