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CrossFit, Pregnancy, and some other random thoughts


Filed under: Nonsense — Jennie Yundt @ 7:44 pm

Tonight is “fractured Fran” night, and here I am with a bum freakin’ wrist. DAMMIT ALL. No pain if my wrist is straight, no pain if it’s back at 30 degrees, but anything beyond that is a horrible stabbing pain.

My broccoli train to crazy town is going pretty well. I feel….not hungry…but just not satisfied. Nothing makes me feel better than a big cup of berries and some almond butter….(drooling) My muffin tops measured 34-1/8th last night, and my resting heart rate was 69 this morning. I’m kind of pissed about my RHR….it was getting lower for a while, and now it’s back up near 70 again.
My food log for today:
copious amounts of coffee
200g ribeye
28g almond butter
2 scrambled eggs
1 cup broccoli
Arugula/leaf lettuce salad
15ml olive oil
15ml balsamic vinaigrette
2 squares dark chocolate.
28g raw pecans
I’m at 108g fat, 18g carbs, and 63g protein so far. Normally I’d have a little turkey tonight to even out my protein, but Bill wants me to stay away from processed meats.

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