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OMGTHEPAIN August 30, 2009

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OW. All I have to say is F-ING OW! My calves felt a little tight after all that running yesterday, but this morning I woke up and wanted to die. If I had the ability to physically remove my lower legs without staining my carpet I would have. I’m serious. My first thought this morning was, “Good Lord, please tell me someone is pressing hot pokers against my calves, and that I’m not really THAT SORE.”

Sigh. Bill and I got to the Fort at 8AM this morning so we could meet some of our fellow rowing team members for an awesome rowing WOD. I warmed up and stretched for a few minutes, but walking around was really painful. I strapped into the rower and readied myself for 8 x 500m rows with 2:00 rest in between.
The first two and 2/3’s rounds were great. My pace was under 1:58 on each row, and I felt strong in the arms. Calves were protesting a little, but nothing too bad. When the rower hit 165m’s to go on the 3rd row, my life sucked. A LOT. My left calf seized up. I couldn’t straighten my foot to save my life. All I could do was unstrap from the rower and roll around on the floor. Bill was trying to be helpful, but the pain was so severe that I couldn’t even process the simple instructions he was giving me. SUCKED. I walked it off for a bit, and ended up getting back on the rower to finish the workout.
Brittany and I did Team Saturday together because the workout looked like “fun”.
Run 400m
80 dead lifts
80 box jumps
80 push press
Run 400m
Brittany’s dead lifts are crazy strong. She max’s out a solid 10kg’s heavier than I do on her SRM, and she can rep through higher weights like it’s nothing. We originally were going to grind through the WOD at 65kg’s for the dead lifts, and 35kg’s for the push presses. I grabbed a couple at 65kg’s and decided that I simply didn’t have it in me to get 40 reps at that weight.
The first run of the workout I was cautious with my legs, because I felt like at any minute it would seize up again. Brittany and I blasted through the workout. It was silly how light the weights we used were…I actually feel guilty claiming the championship belt when we CLEARLY scaled too much. The last run of the WOD was my favorite part of the WHOLE DAY. Brittany was jogging backwards trying to convince me that this was not a 400m WALK, but rather a run. She says, “better hurry! Someone’s coming out the doors now! Don’t let them catch us!” Without a moment’s hesitation I just said, “you’re lying”. She smiled and said, “Yes. Yes I am. NO WALKING!”
It was her encouragement that kept me running through the last 400m’s. Oh, that, and the fact that we were linked elbow in elbow and she was literally DRAGGING ME.
Brittany, what were you looking at? It’s my hamstrings….they’re mesmerizing, aren’t they? 😉

Brittany’s birthday August 29, 2009

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Hooray! Yesterday was Brittany’s birthday! While I’m quite glad that my buddy is another year older, I was NOT glad that she was in charge of picking my workout for the day. I knew before I even heard what the workout was that it was going to involve RUNNING. Probably not just a little running either….copious amount of running.

When I got to the Fort, the workout “Caleb” was written on the white board. HUGE SURPRISE. LOOK AT ME, I’M JENNIE AND I’M TOTALLY SURPRISED.
8 rounds for time:
400m run
8 walking lunges
8 box jumps
My time: Brittany’s time plus 5 minutes or something.
I think it was around 26:49. HA! I just checked Brittany’s time for this workout, and I was actually 6 minutes slower than her. 🙂 In my next life, I want to come back with Brittany’s speed and lovely legs. She could run 5 thousand miles, and then she’ll run 5 thousand more…just to be the girl who runs 10 thousand miles to fall down at my doooooor. Wow, random. I don’t even LIKE that song.
Look at me…I just ran…don’t I look happy?!

I’M ITCHY August 27, 2009

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I woke up 4 times last night just to sit in the bathroom and itch my mosquito bites. After reviewing the bites this morning, I discovered there were at least 10 that I didn’t see before, bringing the grand total to 24 mosquito bites. I would rather poke myself in the eye with a sharp object than to have this constant itchy feeling!

Despite the itchiness, I did manage to squeeze in another AMRAP workout last night. I was pretty stiff in the hamstrings and lower back, so I decided to scale my KB swings.
2 muscle ups (progressions)
4 handstand push ups (done with 15kg plate and ab mat)
8 kb swings (32/24kg) and I scaled down to 20kg
I got 13 rounds, plus all 4 handstand push ups in round 14. I made a mad dash to the KB, but alas, I didn’t even get one swing in before Bill yelled TIME!
I still suck at muscle ups. If there is one thing I want to accomplish by the end of 2009, it’s to successfully complete at least one muscle up.
In the good news department, I ate remarkably well yesterday. I’m not concerned with how much protein and fat I’m consuming…all I’m focusing on right now is staying UNDER 20g’s of carbs. It’s tough….there’s even 1 carb in hard boiled eggs! Strangely enough, my uber cravings are gone. I might even be bold enough to say that I’m craving fruit WAY less than when I was trying to stay around 40g’s of carbs a day. I’m going to spend the next 60 days under 20g’s of carbs and see where it gets me.
Workout secret of the day: Even if you’re using a REALLY easy progression, at least TRY and make it look hard…or the trainers will bust you and make you do something more challenging. See? Like this:

14 August 26, 2009

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14 is a very special number to me today. It represents several things:

1. The number of times I thought to myself “this workout sucks”
2. The number of times I looked over and realized Stacy was more than 2 rounds ahead of me
3. At 14 minutes into this workout, I still only had 5 rounds.
4. The number of blurry pictures Bill took of the 7PM class
5. The number of mosquito bites I got on my ankles during this WOD
GOOD.LORD. I absolutely HATE AMRAP workouts, and this is the second day in a row I’ve had to do one. The workout was:
AMRAP in 20:00 of
5 thrusters (40/30kg)
7 hang power cleans
I set my bar down after completing round one, looked at Stacy and said something to the effect of, “Holy crap…this sucks”. She, of course, just kept cranking away beside me throughout the whole workout. I wish I had half the endurance in my legs that she has! In the end, I ended up with 7 complete rounds, and a bajillion mosquito bites. I was driving home and I realized that my legs were itching REAL BAD. Stacy and I thought we were being so clever by bringing our bars outside, but I got eaten alive! Brittany had the right idea, and stayed inside. Even though she was WAY sweatier than I was, I’m willing to bet her legs aren’t NEARLY as itchy as mine are today!
Here’s one of the many fabulous and blurry pictures from the 7PM class. 🙂

Working out with one eye open August 25, 2009

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OMG you GYG people are insane. Completely insane. I made special arrangements for Katelyn so that I could attend the 5:30AM class yesterday. Afterall, I HAD to see what all the hype was about!

It was cold and dark, so I figured I didn’t need to wear any makeup. It wasn’t until AFTER the workout that I actually caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized my mistake. Sheesh.
The workout yesterday was cleans 1-1-1. I LOVE CLEANS. My previous PR was 62.2kg’s, so I thought I’d work my way up to 65kg’s for a body weight clean PR. (Man that would have been cool) Here’s what my sets looked like:
55-62.2 – 65(fail) – 65(fail)
You see, the problem with 65kg’s is that it’s starting to get HEAVY. I get into position, hook grip the SHIT out of the bar and prepare to receive this massive load on my collar bone. With the hook grip of death I didn’t release the bar enough to get my elbows under it. I caught it, but elbows were probably just past parallel with the bar, and down it went. Twice. I’ll get you next time, 65kg’s!
The Metcon was Cindy. This was my first time doing it as rx’d, and I think I did pretty well. I mean, I didn’t get 18 rounds like Stacy….but my 13 rounds felt pretty decent.
In addition to the morning workout, I got in my first CrossFit Fire Rowing Team WOD yesterday. We had to do 8 x 250 meter rows, with 1:00 rest between. My average was around 57 seconds, so that’s pretty good. Lots of room to NOT SANDBAG next time.
This is a picture of me and Clark doing a workout with push-ups in it. This picture makes me sad because Clark doesn’t come anymore. He goes to CrossFit Naperville. 😦
How sad does it make me when people leave? SAD. REAL SAD.

HERCULEAN August 23, 2009

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1 : of, relating to, or characteristic of Hercules 2 often not capitalized : of extraordinary power, extent, intensity, or difficulty <Herculean tasks> <Herculean proportions>

Yep, HERCULEAN. It’s a real word, and it was really what the workout was like on Saturday. Bill dreamt up this workout, and it was awesome! He split us up into teams of 6, and we did:

1 lap around the building of tire flips (400lb tire)
250 double unders
250 burpees
250 wall ball shots (20/14lb)
250 calories on the rower
sled drag 230kg’s from one end of the parking lot to the other

I was teamed up with Tommy Mo, Mark R, Beth, Giles, and Jamie. We were a great team! We huddled after we knew our team assignments and came up with a strategy. Tommy Mo and Mark would team up and flip that big ass tire around the building, I would attack double unders, Beth & Giles would rower/burpees, and Jamie would start dragging some weight. By the time the tire flips were over, we had a sizeable lead. We were the 2nd to last team to finish inside on the wall ball shots, but when I got outside I saw the most amazing thing; our sled drags were almost done! Mark and Tommy Mo had CRUSHED the sled drags, and we were the champs!

My forearms are PISSED after all those double unders though!

Come on grip! Keep working! August 22, 2009

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Yesterday was fun. 🙂 Do I say that every day? Yeah, ok….I like most of our WODs. We started yesterday with 3 single rep max attempts of Press. My sets looked like this:

35-40 (FAIL) – 37.2
My old PR for press is 40kg’s, and I wasn’t able to tie that yesterday. But ya know what? THAT’S OK. Press is notoriously hard, and even setting a 2.2kg PR is a big deal. 40kg’s is an elusive number for me, and if the stars aren’t lined up just right, it’s not going to get above my eyeballs. I did set a 500m Row PR! 1:48.5! I PR’d by a whopping tenth of a second.
The metcon was great – I friggin’ love cleans.
Every minute for 12:00 you must complete:
3 hang power cleans
3 power cleans
3 hang power cleans
This workout wasn’t too bad until about round 9. I just had nothing left in my grip. Even my trusty hook-grip technique was failing me! I did this WOD at 35kg’s, and I probably could have gutted out 40kg’s. It would have been tough, but toughness is character building, right? Kelli has more character than anybody I know – because she’s TOUGH. You can’t see her in this picture, but she was working out directly across from me. She didn’t even get a second of rest from round 9 through the end….but she made it!